An innovative drying process to transform the food waste, in just a few hours, into dry output reducing up to 90% the weight and volume of the original waste!

smartcara_pinoThe unit is a compact organic waste dryer for domestic use that solves directly at the origin the problems of kitchen food waste.

  • The unit treats approx.. 1-2 kg. of food scraps per cycle
  • No bad odours
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Average process duration: approx. 4 hours



  • Available both in the free – standing and Built-Under version
  • It can dry all kind of food waste including chicken, rabbit, turkey and fish bones
  • The dried output can be used as fertilizer for flowers and plants solving quickly and in a clean way the food waste problem in our homes.
  • 24 months warranty and service all over Europe

MARES is the exclusive distributor for EUROPE.

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